The kingdom of Udenland is populated with unique characters and bizarre creatures, all entwined in the ever growing story of good Sirs Cottington and Bratwurst. Here you can follow their adventures as they traverse the land and sea on various quests throughout the kingdom.

The Hazardous Players will introduce you to some of the eccentric inhabitants of Udenland society, who our two moderately brave and occasionally noble knights often encounter on their continuing travels. Plus we will take you to the far corners of Udenland: deep in the Ragstag Mountains, across the Tempest Sea, to new and distant lands where undiscovered and extraordinary creatures can be found.  Creatures that even the extensive Henchwoods Guide to Magical Creatures has not catalogued.

Please join us and listen to the tale of Sir Cottington and Sir Bratwurst and accompany them on their adventures.


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