The Secret of Donotalado




The Knights and a reluctant Wiggins are off to visit Wiggin’s senior in his cottage by the sea.  Every step is a grueling undertaking for young Wiggins as  visits to his father are often a painful and tramatic experience.  But, along with being a renowned artist Wiggins senior is also extremely knowledgeable in area of art history, and hopefully he can pass on some more clues about the elusive Mystic Painting of Donotalado.  More than likely he will just make scathing remarks about his sons chosen career, thats kinda his thing.

Spike Wiggin’s paintings are prized throughout the kingdom of Udenland, though they are rarely purchased since most people do there best to avoid actually meeting the man. Rude, loud and opinionated he has alienated most everyone he comes in contact with within the first few minutes of meeting them. This include several members of the royal family, (with the exception of the Queen mother for whom he has a bit of a crush). But, it is agreed that his work is sublime and they’re those who find his brash personality refreshing and seek him out in order to buy his paintings and hear his “sage” advice.  Though most who have sat through his tirades leave feeling bruised and full of self-doubt.

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